Our road trip to Dallas
The weekend started off with an intense Spider man and Hulk fight,

And it somehow turned in to an underwear battle.

We went for a bike ride,

went to the park,

baked delicious punkin' cupcakes,

ate some pre-halloween candy out of mom and dad's candy bucket,

And made sure the house looked good for all the trick-or-treater's!

We loved our trip and can't wait until Thanksgiving to see these boys again!

Wall Collage

I finally finished our wall collage. It was my very first one and it took me forever. I just couldn't make up my mind. I kept moving and adding things. I'm sure we'll have to pay for all the holes in the wall. But hey, at least our apartment feels like home :)



Dinner for 2: Pear and Kale Smoothie
Tyler and I have been on a green smoothie kick. Once we find one we like we stick to it for weeks or even months. Recently I found some new recipes and thought we'd try it for dinner. This one is our new favorite! (Probably because it's a little on the mild side)

1 banana
1 pear 
1 orange
1 big heaping handful of Kale
1/2 cup water
Ice to desired thickness 

Love him even though he is a hairy mammoth!


Our favorite drink

Tyler and I have a new obsession over La Croix sparking water. It is such a great replacement for high caloric drinks/soda. It's sodium free and contains zero sugar and NO CALORIES! yeah! It comes it a variety of flavors but our favorite is either lemon or grapefruit. The lemon tastes like Sprite and the grapefruit tastes like Fresca. It's delish! It's the perfect treat at the end of a meal.