Sunday game of Yahtzee by the pool. Yep, Yahtzee. You'd think we were old fogey's but that's the only 2 player game we had! Anyone have 2 player games up their sleeve? Or better yet, anyone want to come visit?! Oh and bring a camera because we need one!

Ready, Set, JUICE!

I've had it. Had it with headaches. Had it with no energy. Had it with nausea. Had it with the dizziness. Had it with just about everything! I have seriously tried everything to get rid of this pain. Seven years worth. I am convinced that it might be the food that I'm putting in my body. Ok, halfway convinced. I have been reading a lot about juicing and healing and wonder if juicing might help. So, I bought a juicer and decided to do a 10 day juice cleanse. That way I can detox my body and then add each food group slowly in to my diet. Then I can hopefully target what it is that makes my head hurt. Tyler is gracious enough to do it with me! Tomorrow is officially our first full day but we decided to do a tester tonight.

I let Tyler give it a shot....

And of course he had to give me his best face. That's why I love him. There's never a dull moment when Tyler's in the room. He makes a crappy situation in to something fun. 

I was going to post the recipe we tried but ended up not liking it. There was too much fruit. Not to mention, Tyler was in charge of reading the recipe and he left out an important ingredient - coconut water.  That would have helped it out tremendously. So with that said, I'm in charge from now on! 

Excited for day 1 tomorrow!


Caught you!

Hilarious! So the other day I wondered where Tyler went. I knew he said he was going to shave but couldn't find him in our spacious 900sqft apartment. Until I saw the light on our deck. I looked out the blinds and this is what I found! He attached my handheld mirror to a cord hanging from our storage closet! haha Pretty creative but white trash at the same time. To his credit, he said he didn't want to get hair all over our bathroom floor. Instead he decided it was better to sweep it off our deck on to our neighbors deck :) 

We love baby Amelia

I think we need one of these.

Amelia May Buhanan