Bike hunt

I have been wanting a bike for so long! It didn't have to be expensive - preferably as cheap as possible. We looked at Walmart, Target, and Academy. I ended up going with one from Target. And the best part was it was only $49! It was actually $200 but we got lucky and paid basically pennies. It's not the best quality, but hey, it works. 

Tyler wants one now, too!

Free time

What do we do in Houston when we have some free time? Yep, Croquet (or "la croix" as I once called it). We usually go to a park - either Discovery Green or Memorial Park. We don't really know all the rules but end up making them all up! We still have a lot of fun with friends and love having competitions. I love playing games! I've been wanting to play bocce ball and badminton so badly. Can't wait to have a backyard to play!

The joys of teaching

Recent student quotes:
Student: Is your husband in Italy?
Me: No, Why?
Student: Because you're happier when he's here!

Student: I am having a hard time rememberizing this song.

Me: Did you get to memorizing this song?
Student: Sort of, but some of it is still soggy.

Last week one of my cute students made this for me. Thought it was cute how she spelled my new last name. I have a feeling it will be spelled like this the rest of my life!

I was struggling with bad behavior in some of my group classes. I got fed up and asked some of the good kids what to do with those who misbehave. This what they came up with!

These little kiddos make me laugh each and every day. However, at the same time, they can sure make me lose my patience! I guess this can serve as preparation for when I have kids of my own :)