Happy 40th Heath!

My brother in law, Heath, turned 40 last month and we surprised him with a fun weekend in Austin. They live in Dallas so we met them in Austin - a nice in the middle meeting spot. It was a much needed vacation for all of us. We floated the San Marcos river, shopped 'til we dropped, and fed our faces with WAY too much food. 

Here we are at the most delicious (& expensive) restaurant we have ever eaten at - Uchiko's. Seriously, it was the best food I have ever tried. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  I have never eaten food of that caliber before. The best part....desert. Sweet polenta ice cream. My only regret -we shared it. I need my own next time!

 Don't mind me, I'm just cooking my  steak on my very own hot rock. 

Compliments of the San Marcos River. 

No vacation in Austin is complete without spending a whole day at the Pottery Barn outlet. Dangerous.

My most favorite find. Originally $800. My price - $190. Thank you discount! Just reaping the benefits of working there. Now I need a job at Nordstrom to make my life complete!

I've been keeping an eye out for this piece. Found it!

Thank you Hill's for such a fun vacation. Wish we lived in the same city so we can always be on vacation :)

So behind!

Can't believe I haven't blogged in almost 2 months! So much has happened. First things first, we bought a home! So exciting. We have loved every bit of it and can't wait until we're all finished moving in. The home search was quite labor intensive for us. Tyler and I take forever (and I really mean FOREVER!) to make decisions and have to check out all our options before deciding. It took us 3 months of seeing over 40 homes to finally finding the perfect one. The second we walked in the front door we knew this was the house we want. It took us a full day to really decide on the offer we wanted to put in. We finally decided and put in our offer. Sadly, the realtor immediately got back to us letting us know the sellers had already accepted another offer earlier that day! Tyler and I were crushed. We then decided we want to rent apartments for the rest of our lives! We were so sick of the home buying process. A few weeks later we received the best email ever - an email from our realtor letting us know the house we wanted went back on the market!!! Tyler and I wasted no time and immediately put in our offer. Within a few hours the sellers accepted and the house was finally ours!

Here we are signing our lives away!