Happy 33rd Birthday to my old man!

 Tyler turned 33 this year and he looks better than ever! We celebrated the day by working, working, and more working. Ok, so maybe just a little exaggeration. He woke up to a tasty breakfast, accompanied by a shipley's donut for dessert. He then opened his first gift, a lulu lemon sweatshirt. Tyler LOVES lulu lemon and has way more clothes from there than I do.

He went to work and to his surprise I stopped by on my way to work to deliver him and his office an ice cream cake from Culver's - His favorite ice cream.

After work I surprised him with dinner at our favorite restaurant, Uchi's. It is absolutely amazing. I really have no words to describe it. Tyler and I are not big "foodies" but the food at Uchi's is an out of this world experience. If you ever come to Houston, go there!

After dinner we came home and he opened his last present - a sweater from his other favorite store, Nordstrom. Haha, maybe it's my favorite store but I've converted him to buy everything from there instead of the salvation army or consignment stores.

I have a silly husband

I have a silly husband....but I think we all knew that. This is Tyler having the time of his life juicing. BTW, I think this is the worst chore possible. It takes forever to prep the veggies, then juice them, and THEN clean up. However, I love the final product. So clean and healthy.


Here's about the only picture I've taken while being pregnant. I got huge so fast. This is only at 3 months! I need to take another picture since I'm almost 5 months but can't seem to get up enough courage. I am exploding!

My mother-in-law gave me this book titled "Pregnancy Sucks". It is hilarious! Although there are many great things that come with pregnancy it honestly does suck getting fat, nauseous, tired, and not to even mention the rude awakening I'm in for on delivery day. It was fun to read and I couldn't put it down. It was refreshing to hear the truth from a woman who has actually gone through pregnancy rather than a male doctor who has not had the privilege to bear a child.

One day I was feeling extra obese. I went to get the mail and found the lovely gym advertisement of an overweight person with rolls of you know what. Haha! The picture captured everything I was feeling. I couldn't pass it up and had to take a picture of it.

This was my first adventure in a maternity store. I was DYING when I saw the foam "bump" to try on with your clothes. We both thought it was hilarious. Of course the first thing Tyler had to do was try it on. He looks so good prego! Too bad men can't do it for us. By the way, I feel in love with A Pea in the Pod maternity store. Ok, not that I'm really in love with maternity clothes, I was just ecstatic when I actually found some cute and comfortable pants. I spent an arm and a leg for them but they are worth every penny!!


Christmas Eve/Christmas Day

We stayed with Whitney and Kory for Christmas this past year. Mostly because it is so fun to watch kids on Christmas wake up with the excitement that Santa Clause came. And, because we love the Jackson's! We started of the night by Tyler getting Annie hyper. Go figure. For the future, Tyler is not allowed to play with our kids on Christmas Eve. He is commanded to be the most boring parent ever! I guess the alternative is the famous Chamberlain "purple medicine" trick. All the sudden our child is "sick" and needs a little something to help them sleep. haha, thanks mom for the secret. 

Annie loves her uncle Tyler. But then again, who doesn't?

Brotherly love. Every time these two boys get together, this is the result.

Having fun on Christmas Eve building a train set for Annie.

Christmas morning! Whitney sure looks cute for getting such little sleep.

This picture explains her all too well.

The result of Christmas....I'm sure this was the scene in many households that day!

Until next year Christmas!!! Can't wait for another good year. Hopefully the best year yet!

Annie Kaye

We were able to go to Utah for Christmas last year. Probably the last trip for a while since baby will be born this year and finances change. Vacations are so expensive as is and I'm sure adding a baby in the mix won't make it easier.

We were able to attend my nieces dance recital. We rarely see our nieces and nephews so it was fun to spend some time with Annie Kaye on her special day. This was her very first dance recital. We got there as soon as they were lining up and to our surprise, thinking she didn't even remember our names, she nudged her friend and pointed to us saying "LOOK! Those are my friends!" She was so excited to see us.

There is something so sweet about little girls in tutu's trying to dance but can't remember a thing they're doing. Her class was so adorable. Annie definitely was the leader of the pack and demonstrated each move before the others could even process what was happening.

We love you Annie! Can't wait to see you at the next recital

Holiday Concert 2012

Next came these little rascals....my students! Here are a few pictures from our Holiday Concert back in December. These kids work so incredibly hard and am so proud of them. It's always so stressful working up to a concert and I get so stressed out, making a mean teacher. But, when all is said and done and when the concert is over, I am the happiest teacher out there.

Where to begin?

So many things to blog about and so little time! I just got home from work and am absolutely exhausted. Must be the cute baby in my belly that drains all my energy. Or, it could be the 50 children I teach each week.  It's so terrible of me but I haven't blogged since last July! So much has happened and I want to blog about everything....just one a day (or month!) at a time though.

So much has happened since July. Probably the biggest news is my small little family is expanding! We are expecting a baby boy in June 2013. Couldn't be more excited about that. I'll blog later how the experience has been so far. But for now, let's back up. As I have mentioned before, Tyler and I bought our first home this past summer. We have loved making it OUR home and have learned a ton of little things along the way. Things you wouldn't learn living in an apartment - something we have both done for a very long time! One of the first purchases we wanted was to buy a BBQ. However, other purchases took precedence over another way of cooking our food. We felt we could wait to add that convenience. To our surprise, my parents gave us a BBQ for Christmas!!! yeah! We couldn't be more thrilled.

This is taken on our very petite back patio. Even though it's tiny we fell in love with it when we saw the house. And yes, this picture is taken in December! Summer all year long here :) ok, so it's not so fun after all. I just want to make it sound awesome so we'd get more visitors. Our door is always open.

While Tyler BBQ'd our first meal, I enjoyed myself in the front yard. And yes, once again, this is December! I love how green our yard gets even in the winter. This was our first time trimming trees and bushes. It ended up looking ok but I could definitely use some lessons.

I believe I was 3 months pregnant in this picture. The funny thing is I thought I was HUGE when Tyler was secretly taking this picture and I was so upset. Haha, little did I know, the worst was yet to come. And still, the worst is yet to come. I am so dreading the second half of my pregnancy!