Happy 31st Tyler!

I am so far behind on posting. It was Tyler's birthday back on January 9th. What I remember that day...
  • It was raining cats and dogs. Looked like a hurricane.
  • We took my car in to shop to get a new transmission.
  • Tyler worked from home. Was bummed I wasn't working from home
  • We had oatmeal from McDonald's for breakfast
  • Then Arby's for lunch
  • And then I took him to Benjy's for dinner
  • I surprised him with some much needed sunglasses
  • Realized I married the most handsome, sweet man out there!

Friday night craft

Don't know what it is about crafting but I absolutely love it. And to have a husband who will do it with me makes it even better! I've wanted to make a wooden vintage sign for a long time now and I finally decided to do it. We went to home depot and had a piece of wood cut to our liking. Tyler then sanded the heck out of it,

While I found a font that I liked. I printed off the font on to card stock so it would be easier to trace on to the wood. 

 We found some paint at home depot that was mixed wrong for 50 cents! It turned out to be the perfect color of gray I wanted. 

We were too impatient to wait for it to dry so we brought out the blow dryer. Worked like a champ.

Then traced our saying with pencil. 

Painting was a little time consuming

A lot of sanding

Finally done. We thought it turned out ok. Of course there were a few things I'd change or pay closer attention to but i'm sure go it's unnoticeable to anyone else's eye.