Christmas Eve/Christmas Day

We stayed with Whitney and Kory for Christmas this past year. Mostly because it is so fun to watch kids on Christmas wake up with the excitement that Santa Clause came. And, because we love the Jackson's! We started of the night by Tyler getting Annie hyper. Go figure. For the future, Tyler is not allowed to play with our kids on Christmas Eve. He is commanded to be the most boring parent ever! I guess the alternative is the famous Chamberlain "purple medicine" trick. All the sudden our child is "sick" and needs a little something to help them sleep. haha, thanks mom for the secret. 

Annie loves her uncle Tyler. But then again, who doesn't?

Brotherly love. Every time these two boys get together, this is the result.

Having fun on Christmas Eve building a train set for Annie.

Christmas morning! Whitney sure looks cute for getting such little sleep.

This picture explains her all too well.

The result of Christmas....I'm sure this was the scene in many households that day!

Until next year Christmas!!! Can't wait for another good year. Hopefully the best year yet!

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  1. Good job updating. I love hearing all about you and what you guys are up to. I'd love to come visit, it's SOOOOO cold this year. Looks like you guys are busy. I'm impressed with all your students you teach, that's a lot. I bet it keeps you way busy. What does Tyler do for work? I can't wait to hear more updates about the baby. I hope you are feeling well. I think of you often. Keep posting. I need to do it too.