Annie Kaye

We were able to go to Utah for Christmas last year. Probably the last trip for a while since baby will be born this year and finances change. Vacations are so expensive as is and I'm sure adding a baby in the mix won't make it easier.

We were able to attend my nieces dance recital. We rarely see our nieces and nephews so it was fun to spend some time with Annie Kaye on her special day. This was her very first dance recital. We got there as soon as they were lining up and to our surprise, thinking she didn't even remember our names, she nudged her friend and pointed to us saying "LOOK! Those are my friends!" She was so excited to see us.

There is something so sweet about little girls in tutu's trying to dance but can't remember a thing they're doing. Her class was so adorable. Annie definitely was the leader of the pack and demonstrated each move before the others could even process what was happening.

We love you Annie! Can't wait to see you at the next recital

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