Happy 33rd Birthday to my old man!

 Tyler turned 33 this year and he looks better than ever! We celebrated the day by working, working, and more working. Ok, so maybe just a little exaggeration. He woke up to a tasty breakfast, accompanied by a shipley's donut for dessert. He then opened his first gift, a lulu lemon sweatshirt. Tyler LOVES lulu lemon and has way more clothes from there than I do.

He went to work and to his surprise I stopped by on my way to work to deliver him and his office an ice cream cake from Culver's - His favorite ice cream.

After work I surprised him with dinner at our favorite restaurant, Uchi's. It is absolutely amazing. I really have no words to describe it. Tyler and I are not big "foodies" but the food at Uchi's is an out of this world experience. If you ever come to Houston, go there!

After dinner we came home and he opened his last present - a sweater from his other favorite store, Nordstrom. Haha, maybe it's my favorite store but I've converted him to buy everything from there instead of the salvation army or consignment stores.

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