Where to begin?

So many things to blog about and so little time! I just got home from work and am absolutely exhausted. Must be the cute baby in my belly that drains all my energy. Or, it could be the 50 children I teach each week.  It's so terrible of me but I haven't blogged since last July! So much has happened and I want to blog about everything....just one a day (or month!) at a time though.

So much has happened since July. Probably the biggest news is my small little family is expanding! We are expecting a baby boy in June 2013. Couldn't be more excited about that. I'll blog later how the experience has been so far. But for now, let's back up. As I have mentioned before, Tyler and I bought our first home this past summer. We have loved making it OUR home and have learned a ton of little things along the way. Things you wouldn't learn living in an apartment - something we have both done for a very long time! One of the first purchases we wanted was to buy a BBQ. However, other purchases took precedence over another way of cooking our food. We felt we could wait to add that convenience. To our surprise, my parents gave us a BBQ for Christmas!!! yeah! We couldn't be more thrilled.

This is taken on our very petite back patio. Even though it's tiny we fell in love with it when we saw the house. And yes, this picture is taken in December! Summer all year long here :) ok, so it's not so fun after all. I just want to make it sound awesome so we'd get more visitors. Our door is always open.

While Tyler BBQ'd our first meal, I enjoyed myself in the front yard. And yes, once again, this is December! I love how green our yard gets even in the winter. This was our first time trimming trees and bushes. It ended up looking ok but I could definitely use some lessons.

I believe I was 3 months pregnant in this picture. The funny thing is I thought I was HUGE when Tyler was secretly taking this picture and I was so upset. Haha, little did I know, the worst was yet to come. And still, the worst is yet to come. I am so dreading the second half of my pregnancy!

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